Austria Government Scholarships 2014

» Deadline for online registration: March 1, 2014 » Areas of study: theology, humanities, linguistics and literature »

Scholarships in Romania 2014-2015

» Deadline: February 15, 2014 » Levels of study: Undergraduate, Masters and PhD » Number of grants: 85 » Air studio: All areas (priority will be given to »

The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Scholarships

1- Scholarships are only for the gifted, committed or needy. Far from it! The selection criteria are very diverse. You can reach to your place of birth of the subject studied on the profession of the parents as well. 2 »

How to Written Application : The CV

Most foundations expect their applicants to a resume. If not further specified here is usually meant as a CV. In this article you will learn everything you need to know to create a very good resume. »

Scholarships The University of Westminster for international undergraduate and graduate students from 2014 to 2015.

» The deadline to apply for the scholarship is April 25, 2014 » Country: England A. UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS » The University of Westminster (England) offers complete »


Study in Germany » Study guide » University City » University City of Aachen

» Old residence, baths and pilgrimage city

Aachen is the westernmost town of Germany, located in the border triangle near the Dutch and Belgian border. The small student town has around 250 000 inhabitants.

Under the Carolingian emperor Charlemagne, who resided here from 768 in 1165 and was eventually canonized to Aachen became an important royal residence. In 936 a king was crowned in Aachen with Otto I the first time. Now as then, since thousands of visitors come daily in the Aachen Cathedral, the coronation site of 30 German kings to be anzuschauen.1656 sanctuaries like loincloth Nativity or the throne and the insignia of the Carolingian emperor destroyed a large fire nearly 80% of all homes in the second World War II, the city was largely destroyed and then rebuilt.
Every year, the old imperial city of the Charlemagne Prize to men and women who have made an outstanding contribution to Europe.

Have received him as Churchill, Adenauer and Kohl. In addition, Aachen is very popular and well known among horsemen, each year it hosts the CHIO, an international horse show, instead. Aachen is also a well known spa and spa resort. The hot sulfur springs that the Romans used for curative. There are the hottest sulfur springs north of the Alps, the only downside is that one a nasty rotten egg smell rises in source wells close to the nose. Von Aachen bond with the water bear witness to the many fountains in the city.

» The universities

Total Aachen has four universities together with approximately 40 560 students.

The largest and best known is by far the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule, Aachen short, which was founded more than 130 years ago and are enrolled at only about 31 540 students. She enjoys an excellent reputation, not only in Germany. If there were a German elite university, then it would be considered by the "Business Week", RWTH Aachen. It is particularly renowned for engineering, mathematics and computer science. This in turn means that Aachen is a real men's stronghold, only a third of the students are women. In addition, there is the RWTH University of Applied Sciences.

» Attractions

See absolutely you should:

- the cathedral, which was the first German building by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Around 800 built by Charles the Great, he served for a period of 600 years, 30 German kings as coronation site

- the hall from the year 1350, on the north facade, you can see the statues of all the kings crowned in Aachen

- the old fountain hall, the Elisa Fountain, the landmark of the city from 1827

- the Aachen University Hospital, a building of so-called high-tech architecture. The clinic was and still is very controversial because of its architecture ... it looks like a refinery, who is not already sick, it is at the sight

» Student Life

In the Pontstrasse a pub lined up on the other, so here is likely everyone will find something. Also in the old town you can sip a cocktail or two. Otherwise, you need yourself informed of our pubs, cafe and disco Guide. Who has too much money to spare, you can take a look into the Aachen Casino, a large stylish casino that has nothing whatsoever to do with common gambling dens. the former "New spa".

You can very well go shopping in Aachen, given the size of the city actually. Main shopping street is Adalbertstraße, here are others Kaufhof and H&M is also the area around the cathedral and town hall good for strolling. Interestingly, the Elisen gallery is directly across from Elise's Fountain.

The Aachen residential area is relatively relaxed, of course, one must also here early enough to apply for a room in a student dormitory. The private approximate monthly rent is 230 €.

» Typical Aachen

Typical of Aachen, Aachen Printe are the delicious, so to speak, the national dish of Aachen. In many bakeries can buy cheap print breakage. A reduction of 20-50% is obtained at the factory outlet of the Aachener Printe & Lambertz Chocolate Factory in Borchersstraße 18

The weather in Aachen is mostly bad, it rains quite often. There are in the city, however, a forecast of a different kind: On a building at the station there is a weather column, where you can see how the weather is. Unfortunately, no one looks through at the changing and flashing color codes and markings on ascending and descending .... At night it lights visible from afar - if one has since informed about the importance of color codes, you know what the weather will be the next day.

Study in Germany » Study guide » University Details » Fachhochschule Aachen

Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia

Type /: College/state
Year of establishment: 1971
Number of students: 8232
Promotions-/Habilitationsrecht: Yes / No
Country: Germany
Office address: Kalverbenden 6
52066 Aachen
Postal Address: Postfach 10 05 60
52005 Aachen
Phone: (0241) 6009-0
Fax: (0241) 6009-1090

» Responsible Student Services / Student Office:

Location: Student Services
Stephanstraße 58-62
52064 Aachen
Phone: (0241) 6009-0
Fax: (0241) 6009-1614
Officers: Ingrid sheet

» Competent Student Counselling:

Location: Center for University Teaching and Student Counselling (HDBS)
Hohenstaufenallee 10
52064 Aachen
Phone: (0241) 6009-1801
Fax: (0241) 6009-1090
Officers: Dr. Michael Heger

» Responsible Academic International Office:

Location: International Office
PF 100560
52005 Aachen
Phone: (0241) 6009-1043
Fax: (0241) 6009-1089
Officers: Lex Thomas


Study in Germany » Study guide » University Ranking of young career with Reuters and Business Week

The job and business magazine "career" also provides each year to a high school ranking. The current career Uniranking 2008 has just been published and created by young career with Reuters and Business Week.

No time students, but HR 5000 were surveyed for this ranking, mostly from companies with 1000 employees or more. This presentation focused on the conversion of the old university system to bachelor's and master's degrees. Most of the steps as a bachelor's degree is still inferior and are of the opinion that only a master's degree can keep up with the diploma. But this setting does not mean the end for bachelor graduates, but rather the chance to convince the respective companies with the personal skills. One should also not forget that most respondents come from large companies and smaller, often maintain closer contacts with the universities, thus less were considered.

The HR managers have filled out a form with questions about job prospects, preferred disciplines and desired qualifications of applicants and stated their opinion, best universities for each subject. The results are as follows:

» The top 10 universities for business studies:

1 Mannheim 57.8%
2 Cologne 33.0%
3 Muenster 32.7%
4 WHU Vallendar 28.5%
5 LMU 26.0%
6 EBS Oestrich-angle 17.6%
7 Frankfurt 12.6%
8 HHL Leipzig 9.2%
9 KU Eichstätt Ingolstadt, 8.6%
10th Erlangen-Nuremberg 5.5%

» The top 10 universities for Economics:

1 Bonn 66.8%
2 Cologne 37.6%
3 Mannheim 33.4%
4 LMU 20.9%
5 Freiburg 12.5%
6 Muenster 10.5%
7 Constance 10.4%
8 Tubingen 9.0%
9 HU Berlin 8.4%
10th Bayreuth 4.2%

» The top 10 universities for law:

1 Heidelberg 20.3%
2 Bucerius in Hamburg 15.2%
3 Freiburg 13.4%
4 LMU 12.7%
4 Muenster 12.7%
6 Passau 10.6%
7 Bonn 10.1%
8 Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), 6.7%
8 Tubingen 6.7%
10th HU Berlin 5.4%

» The top 10 universities for industrial engineering:

1 Karlsruhe 53.1%
2 Darmstadt 35.9%
3 TU Berlin 9.5%
4 Dresden
5 TU Hamburg 6.5%
6 Kaiserslautern 5.4%
7 Ilmenau 4.5%
8 Clausthal 4.0%
9 Brunswick 3.8%
9 Erlangen-Nuremberg 3.8%

» The Top 10 colleges for Industrial Engineering:

1 Karlsruhe 12.5%
2 Munich 10.4%
3 Mannheim 8.3%
4 HTW Berlin 7.3%
5 Esslingen 6.3%
6 Würzburg-Schweinfurt 6.1%
7 Ingolstadt 5.3%
8 Pforzheim 5.2%
9 Frankfurt 4.2%
9 Nuremberg 4.2%
9 Ulm 4.2%
9 Wiesbaden 4.2%

• Criticism:

The estimates of the HR can not be applied exactly as in practice. There are even many companies, which the university graduates is not important, but other criteria such as grades or additional qualifications. In many programs, a comparison is problematic because it is partly to very different orientations. Moreover, this university ranking naturally takes only a few fields of study under the microscope, so it may not be helpful for many aspiring students.

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