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The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Scholarships

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Scholarships The University of Westminster for international undergraduate and graduate students from 2014 to 2015.

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Study in Germany » Study guide » Universities City » Universities of Bonn

Of Beethoven, Haribo's headquarters and UN headquarters

The former capital on the Rhine is over 2000 years old, so you simply place in Bonn from tranquil baroque castle to old town houses and Art Nouveau villas all before. The 300 000 inhabitants city is very international, despite their Tranquility on the basis of UN agencies. When Bonn was the seat of government in 1949, it named many because of its size often derisively Federal village.
Bonn also makes the atmosphere of the location of the Rhine, from the waterfront, you have a beautiful view of the Seven Mountains and also the weather is influenced by its location at the Rhine River still pretty good. With the modern Post Tower, which is 162.5 meters high and thus exactly 5.50 meters higher than the Cologne Cathedral, Bonn is now home to the tallest office building of North Rhine-Westphalia. In the evening the elliptical glass building lights in all colors.
Bonn is also home to the famous all over the world "Golden Bears": in 1920, the native of Bonn Hans Riegel the company Haribo, which has since remained family owned and even today has its headquarters in Bonn.

» The universities

The University of Bonn has two universities, the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University and the University of the Savings Banks Financial Group Bonn, together with approximately 38 000 students. The Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University is located today in the former Elector residence, built in 1697-1725 as the late Baroque, and used as an electoral college for Castle in 1818. It was named after King Frederick William III, who founded it. The university itself is one of the oldest and most respected in Germany and has about 31 000 students.

» Attractions

See absolutely you should:

- the Beethoven House (Bonngasse 20), here was Ludwig van Beethoven was born in 1770, is exhibited in the museum as his last wing

- the market square with the town hall in rococo style

- Museum Mile, the Art Museum (German art since 1945, Macke, Rhenish Expressionists, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2), the Art and Exhibition Hall with changing international exhibitions on a huge space and a sculpture garden on the roof (Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4), the Royal Museum (one of the most important zoological museums in Germany with its 30 000 stuffed mammals, 80 000 birds and insects and fish; Adenauer Allee 160) and the House of History, which is the history of the Federal Republic of Germany (Adenauer Allee 250)

» Student Life

Shopping can be done in the whole city, so the main railway station to opera. These include a Zara and H & M. Also recommended is the Haribo shop (Fries Str 121), here you can stock up on tons of gold bears, liquorice and the like. At the large bar you can choose everything individually, is then calculated by weight, and there are discounted "broken goods".

The housing market is tight, but the student union has 35 residence halls with a total of 4000 rooms, but for which you have to apply early enough.

» Typical Bonn

In Bonn it comes from women rose Thursday to Monday great to finally ruled again, the Rhenish cheerfulness. Then is celebrated all over Bonn without end.

A big attraction is every year the event "Rhine in Flames", which takes place on the first Saturday in May. The best is the big, beautiful conclusion of fireworks at about 23 clock in the Bonn floodplain.
In addition, every year in the fall instead of the internationally famous Beethoven Festival, then you can enjoy throughout Bonn concerts of senior musicians and newcomers. Classical music fans should not miss it.

Study in Germany » Study guide » Universities City » Universities of Bochum

Like a phoenix from the ashes. A sooty city is the cultural stronghold of the Potts

"Good luck!" This greeting belongs to the past, because the former city of coal mining and the steel industry in the Ruhr Area, has moved on to other priorities. Anybody who thinks of Bochum on a gray, sooty city in which no green tree is shown, which was to say goodbye to that old cliché. Since 1962, the university was opened in 1973 and closed the last major underground mine, a strong structural change took place.

In the Ruhr in Bochum and even a real university landscape has emerged. Even today, there are several parks such as the Kortum-park on the street Witten and the city park. Grönemeyer's the 1984 love song to the city and its image "with the pulse beat of steel" is so outdated. Today has taken a leading role in the 400,000-inhabitant city of the service sector, but the university has about 6,000 employees as a major employer. The culture comes in Bochum, not too short, on the contrary. The renowned theater director with his big attracts a lot of visitors, as well as the resident since 1988 musical "Starlight Express". Bochum has changed significantly. From a gray and dirty city, urging the people's minds, a lively place with lots of green and lots of things to do has become. Unfortunately, most people have not even noticed.

» The universities

The Ruhr-University Bochum with 35,000 students in 20 faculties and 100 courses, the sixth-largest university in Germany. Although it has existed only since 1962, the university in teaching and research has already made a good name. Interdisciplinarity is very important here, because all subjects can be combined freely. Starting in the winter semester 02/03 new undergraduate programs have been introduced, in which after a short period of study and practical reference, the student can enter quickly and effectively into professional life is.

Famous is the university for research in neuroscience as well as in microelectronics, material sciences and laser and plasma physics in the natural sciences and engineering. Equally noteworthy is the independent Faculty of East Asian Studies and Shakespeare Studies (150 University Street). Besides the university there is the FH of Technology and Economics, which great emphasis on practical and international aspects sets (Lennershofstr. 140). Here are the six degrees in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Surveying and Geoinformatics, mechatronics and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering/computer science and economics can be used.

» Attractions

- German Mining Museum: Here is a brought the whole history of coal mining in detail, which has dominated Bochum long time. A built-in earth Vorführstollen illustrates the matter. (On Mining Museum 28)

- Planetarium and City Park: The Planetarium enjoys across borders a good reputation. In the large inner dome can get information about celestial bodies. Multi-media shows give visitors the illusion of a starry sky.

- Railway Museum: Here you get to see 15 steam locomotives of visitors to a disused railway station. The operating system of 1914 is almost originally preserved especially.

- Musical "Starlight Express" in a specially constructed hall you can admire this roller skating musical. Since opening in 1988 over 9 million visitors have already taken part in this spectacle.

- Ruhr-Rock Festival: This junior competition is held annually in the old "mine" instead.

» Student Life

Enjoyable for all students Bochum are certainly the low monthly rent of 150 € for a shared flat. Also, the student hostels in the south of the city are popular because the house bars and the many infamous dorm parties weld quickly a community together. The universities are purely externally with their 70s style not just attractive, but they care more in the form of tutors to students. For those interested in culture, the semester ticket offers a free way museums all within easy reach. Of which there are some, for Bochum has a significant cultural scene emerged.

For an evening of fun is taken care of in the form of the famous Bermuda Triangle. This attracts many people from the surrounding area in the Ruhr metropolis. In warm summer nights can turn into a veritable street party, which can compete with other major cities. Bochum has a lot to offer, you should only make the effort for you to discover this city.

» Typical Bochum

Bochum ... is definitely "Bochum Total". If it's that time again, the city transforms into a single concert site with thousands of joyous celebration people. Then live acts will be presented at its best which is certainly something for every taste. Also, the football is very important here. Of the Vfl Bochum passionate support, although he currently plays more in the bottom third of the table. The "National Anthem" of the association is of course "Bochum" by Herbert Grönemeyer. The Bochum are just proud of their city.

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