How to Write Application : The formulated CV

Many foundations require in addition to the CV also formulated a resume. Because unlike a job application numerous additional application materials are required for scholarship applications often.

» Write the formulated CV

The formulated or detailed CV will be written as a continuous text. Here it is called for in either typed or handwritten form. Foundations and other promotional institutions usually require this for two reasons. For one, you want to get to know you better, you want others to see how well you can write structured texts.

» What should I write?

In principle, that you should put the same facts as formulated in the CV. The structure should be chronological start of your childhood and be structured with the help of logical paragraphs.
The formulated resume allows you to call the reasons for your decisions. Instead of a boring series of facts, you can explain in this essay, for example, why you decided you for your study or why you made a social year. Also, your social engagement you can explain better here and describe it as a CV. The examiner can here get a better idea of ​​your personality.

This CV allows you also to explain gaps or other less favorable episodes in your resume. You need not be ashamed of yourself for a longer period of study. Because if you can justify it, for example by a strong social commitment, it appears clearly understandable to the reader. Also the change of the field of study for you to justify here. The formulated CV enables you to explain what you have learned from the decision.

In addition, you should also explain what you have been abroad, internships or a gap year. So you have certainly won as part of a stay abroad of intercultural competence.
Your hobbies should also dedicated a section in the resume. Because they reveal a lot about your person. Basically, the clearer the reason, the better the examiner can make a picture of your person.

Finally, part of each formulated CV should be a description of your idea and run your future career goals for the near to medium future. Because usually makes determination always a very good impression on auditors.

» What should I do with the form?

Although the detailed CV requires a longer text than the tabular, also here: less is more. For the time the auditor for the individual scholarship application is limited. Nevertheless, the text should not be too tight. Because in order to explain a CV of 1-2 pages and to justify decisions in your life, it requires 2-4 pages already.

As for the other components of your application you should CV formulated to print on high quality paper and examine it carefully for spelling, punctuation and typographical errors. For whoever submits his application with errors, gives the same impression invested little effort for its scholarship application and therefore have no very great interest to actually receive the scholarship.

You should like in the other application documents the fonts Times New Roman or Arial in black and use a font size of 10 to 12 With a line spacing of 1.5, the text is very legible.

In addition, You should also read through again to check whether it has a clear structure and make sense of the text content of the paragraphs. To make the text more readable, you can also use the headings in the resume. The resume should be written basically formulated in the first person ("I").

» What should I avoid?

Although the formulated resume revolves around your person, you should not apply too thick. Because that self praise is well known. However you should not put your light under a bushel. Be confident, stand by your strengths and rename it clearly without self-indulgent and pathetic act.

You should also avoid despite the formulated CV to be too detailed. Otherwise you can quickly get the impression that you you can not concentrate on the essentials. Avoid, therefore, too much to go into detail.
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