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» The weavers City

With nearly 330,000 inhabitants and an area of ​​258 square kilometers, is Bielefeld joins the ranks of the 20 largest cities in Germany. Constructed in 1214 by the Count of Ravenstein, former weavers city for the surrounding communities and villages today the metropolis of East Westphalia. Bielefeld has all the advantages of a big city, provides the location in the Teutoburg Forest, but also many leisure activities and nature. The heart of the lover is traveling 580 km of hiking trails found a new passion in 4800 acres of woodland.

The rafter castle as the landmark Bielefeld provides both locals as well as an attraction for tourists dar. Especially the Sparrenburgfest, a medieval festival attracts many visitors. Academia and industry have drawn many Foreign into the city. This is also reflected in the traditional "Carnival of Cultures" down, a joyous street party of people from all over the world. Next to the old town of Bielefeld has unfortunately offer no more beautiful cityscape. In the 70s many gray concrete buildings are shot up in the city that do not just leave a friendly impression. Nevertheless, you can feel at home here, because many cozy bars, pubs and cafés, as well as the beautiful surroundings make up for the dreary sight.

» The universities

Bielefeld has recorded five universities with a total of around 27,830 students. With 19,970 students, the University has the largest share. The relatively young university has made a name since its founding in 1969. Particularly noteworthy is the good combination of research, teaching, interdisciplinary and international orientation. The idea is to break down boundaries between different disciplines.

Therefore, all institutions are housed in a large, multi-story building complex, Bielefeld therefore has a campus university. According to a ranking, the University of Bielefeld, is among the 10 best in the field of research in Germany, in the humanities and social sciences, it is considered the best (university road 25).

Furthermore, there is the FH Bielefeld with 21 degree programs in the fields of engineering, design, natural, social and economic sciences and nursing and health sciences (Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 6), and two private colleges for economic (education center for information processing occupations , Meisenstraße 92) and that of the middle class (media, business, computer science, Ravensburger Straße 10G). At the Bethel Church University is focused on theology.

» Attractions

-Rafter Castle: Built in 1240-1250 landmark Bielefeld still offers an impressive sight. Previously they guarded the pass through the Teutoburg Forest, now the castle is a popular tourist destination and host of the annual medieval castle festival rafter (On Sparrenberg).

-Alter Markt: The center of Bielefeld's old town is the Old Market with its historic mansions. Especially the Crüwell (1530) - and the Batig House (1680) are worth a visit. This place is a nice contrast to the otherwise rather gray environment of the city.

-Art Gallery: This museum offers international and German art of the 20th and 21 Century. In addition, in 1966-68 by Philip Johnson built the building can use four major annual exhibitions on the art of classic modernism of German Expressionism and contemporary musicians (Artur Ladebeck-Straße 5).

-Home animal Olderdissen: The Recreation and Park for all animal lovers. Here, on 15 acres of 100 different species, mostly from local clubs, is shown. The enclosures are natural and furnished according to the latest zoological standards. A learning center for children and adults (Dornberger Str 149a).

-Neustaedter Marienkirche: Art History seen the most important building in Bielefeld. The Gothic hall church with its remarkable tracery windows and a valuable altar (from 1400) a visit.

» Student Life

Clock at eight in the morning in Bielefeld: The student wakes up, the university radio begins his program with "In fact," the news magazine. Hardworking students are already on air, the campus radio has now blossomed into this impossible time of day on the 87.9 frequency to an institution, is practically mandatory for the Bielefeld student life. What to expect here? The housing market is relatively relaxed and with a rent of 200 € for a shared flat is located in the city average. Especially for the University of Bielefeld is the "Brothers and Sisters" program, which each student a higher semester freshmen to the side provides that dealt with him the initial difficulties. Many museums such as the Art Gallery, but also the culture winter with various exhibitions and activities stimulate the senses. Bielefeld attracts a large number of foreign students, and therefore the interaction is so interesting.

» Typical Bielefeld

Bielefeld ... are the weavers market, Sparrenburgfest and the Hermann Monument. The weavers market is an annual cultural festival that is always the end of May in all Bielefeld calendars. On offer is in addition to free concerts all kinds of music and comedy, street art, fairs, lectures, etc. The whole town is on the legs and designed the weekend to a party. Another highlight of the year is the Sparrenburgfest high above the city. If the end of July to hear drums and flutes, medieval spectacle is at the door again. Here give merchants, craftsmen and comedians a colorful tryst and transport visitors to another time. Naturally, the old castle rafter to the perfect background and attracts tons of visitors every time. Not least, the Hermann Monument in the immediate vicinity should be mentioned. This can be found in the Teutoburg Forest near Detmold, but is visible from Bielefeld. The statue represents Arminius represents the Cherusci who should have beaten 9 AD Varus in the Battle of the "Teuto". The beautiful forest trails you can hike to the monument opposite way and enjoy the outdoors. The "Hermann" is a popular excursion destination and group receives annually about 2,000,000 tourists.

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